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Perfect Fit Harness Do you find it hard to walk your dog?

The Perfect Fit Harness range can help to make it easier to walk your dog.
Available in three ranges each with different size options.

From £28.99 More information on the Perfect Fit Harness
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Fluff & Tuff

Product List

Fluff & Tuff dog toys have double-stitched reinforced seams, sewn eyes, durable mesh inner lining and non-toxic fibre stuffing for your dogs enjoyment.

They are great for playing with if your dog likes a bit of rough play, like fetch and tug and when they tired from their game, the Fluff & Tuff range make great pillows too!

Fluff & Tuff are sophisticated high quality ultra-plush durable dog toys made of quality fabrics and precise construction specifications.

  • High quality, ultra plush outer fabric
  • Durable, thick inner mesh liner
  • Double stitched seams
  • Stitched eyes & no hard edges
  • Large durable squeaker heart
  • Machine washable
  • Playful design, size & fabric appeal to dogs

If your dog is a master chewer, please take a look at the Zogoflex toys or Tuffy Toys range.

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    Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Big Daddy Gator  Fluff & Tuff Big Daddy Gator

Fluff & Tuff Big Daddy Gator is an extra-large version of the very popular Georgia Gator and appeals to dogs of many sizes and playing styles. Slightly understuffed, his longer body style is...

 26.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Boomer the Tiger  Fluff & Tuff Boomer the Tiger

Your dog has met is match with the Fluff & Tuff Boomer the Tiger and they will have hours of fun together. The Fluff & Tuff Boomer the Tiger has double-stitched reinforced seams,...

 19.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Cubby Bear  Fluff & Tuff Cubby Bear

Made especially for smaller dogs, Fluff & Tuff Cubby Bear may be mini, but he's still mighty! This precious bear is the perfect companion for the smaller dog. The Fluff & Tuff Cu...

 9.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Edsel Elephant  Fluff & Tuff Edsel Elephant

Fluff & Tuff Edsel Elephant remains one of the Fluff & Tuff favorites. With his long trunk, pink ears and fun shape, he's soon to be your dog's best friend. The Fluff & Tuff ...

 19.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Esmerelda Turtle  Fluff & Tuff Esmerelda Turtle

The perfect all around play toy, Fluff & Tuff Esmeralda Turtles's round shape and floppy legs make her fun toy for games of fetch or tug, and she makes a comfy pillow too! The Fluff ...

 13.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Georgia Gator  Fluff & Tuff Georgia Gator

One of Fluff & Tuff's first toys, Georgia Gator appeals to dogs of many sizes and playing styles. Featuring Fluff & Tuffs signature ultra-plush fabric, her longer body is perfect for pla...

 19.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Harriet Hedgehog  Fluff & Tuff Harriet Hedgehog

Fluff & Tuff Harriet Hedgehog's beautiful ultra-plush fabric, football-like shape and medium size make her the perfect choice for almost any dog. Great for games of fetch. Cute and cuddly to...

 15.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Helga Hippo  Fluff & Tuff Helga Hippo

Her good looks aside, the Fluff & Tuff Helga Hippo is the perfect toy for games of tug and fetch indoors or out (don't forget, she's machine washable). Her compact, medium size makes her a g...

 15.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Hendrix Fox  Fluff & Tuff Hendrix Fox

Fluff & Tuff Hendrix Fox is handsome lad and will soon be your dog's favorite toy. With his beautiful fur, long, fluffy tail and sturdy shape, he's the perfect all around play toy. T...

 19.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Ike the Pheasant  Fluff & Tuff Ike the Pheasant

Fluff & Tuff Ike the Pheasant is the perfect choice for your bird dog, or any dog who loves to play fetch or tug-of-war. With his long, floppy wings, Ike is also a great choice for dogs that...

 19.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Jessica Bunny  Fluff & Tuff Jessica Bunny

Fluff & Tuff Jessica Bunnies adorable design and smooth ultra-plush fabric makes her a universal favorite!  Her size appeals to a wide range of dogs and she a great all around play toy....

 13.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Lady Bug  Fluff & Tuff Lady Bug

Fluff & Tuff Lady Bug's classic design and ball-like shape make her the ideal toy for games of fetch. Also perfect as friend and comfy pillow for a smaller dog. The Fluff & Tuff ...

 9.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Lola Flamingo  Fluff & Tuff Lola Flamingo

With her long neck and floppy legs the Fluff & Tuff Lola Flamingo is an ideal toy for dogs that like to shake and toss their toys.  Your dog will have hours of fun. She's a show-stopper...

 19.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Lucy Skunk  Fluff & Tuff Lucy Skunk

With her pink nose, soft fur and long, fluffy tail, the Fluff & Tuff Lucy Skunk is sure to be your dog's best friend. Her sturdy shape and long tail make her a great toy for hours of fun.

 19.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Mac the Shark  Fluff & Tuff Mac the Shark

Fluff & Tuff Mac the Shark will keep your dog entertained for hours. His long shape is perfect for games of tug and fetch with one or multiple dogs. Also, great for dogs that love to whip an...

 19.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Nuts Squirrel  Fluff & Tuff Nuts Squirrel

The Fluff & Tuff Nuts the Squirrel has double-stitched reinforced seams, sewn eyes, durable mesh inner lining for the under amour and a non-toxic fibre stuffing for your dog's enjoyment....

 19.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Peanut Chipmunk  Fluff & Tuff Peanut Chipmunk

Fluff & Tuff Peanut Chipmunk's realistic design appeals to almost every dog. His compact shape and long, fluffy tail will keep your dog entertained with games of fetch, tug and shake. Sure t...

 13.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Rocket Raccoon  Fluff & Tuff Rocket Raccoon

Fluff & Tuff Rocket Raccoon's sturdy shape is loved by dogs of all sizes. He makes a great toy for fetch, tug-of-war or even pillow. This toy is great if your dog likes a bit of roug...

 19.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Ruby Rainbow Trout  Fluff & Tuff Ruby Rainbow Trout

Fluff & Tuff Ruby Rainbow Trout's good looks and bright, beautiful colors combined with Fluff & Tuff's signature, ultra-plush fabric make her popular with dogs. Her streamlined shape is ...

 15.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Sadie Bear  Fluff & Tuff Sadie Bear

Fluff & Tuff Sadie Bear is loved by dogs of all sizes. Her long, floppy shape make her great all around play toy and when playtime is over, she makes the perfect cuddly pillow. The F...

 26.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Savannah Baby Gator  Fluff & Tuff Savannah Baby Gator

The Fluff & Tuff Savannah Baby Gator has universal appeal for dogs with a variety of playing styles. Her longer body and streamlined shapes perfect for playing tug-of-war, shaking, squeaking...

 13.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Shelly Turtle  Fluff & Tuff Shelly Turtle

Fluff & Tuff Shelly Turtle's round shape and ultra-plush fabric make her a perfect all-around toy for smaller dogs. Her body is completely lined with mesh and her legs are sewn on separately...

 9.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Tank Shark  Fluff & Tuff Tank Shark

Vivid blue in color, Fluff & Tuff Tank Shark's sleek, long shape make him a fun toy for smaller dogs that like to shake and whip their toys. Great also for interactive games of fetch and tug...

 13.95  Buy Now 
 Fluff & Tuff Walter Rabbit  Fluff & Tuff Walter Rabbit

Fluff & Tuff Walter Rabbit is a handsome Wabbit and will provide hours of entertainment for your dog. Great all around play toy. The Fluff & Tuff Walter Rabbit has double-stitche...

 19.95  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 24 (of 24 products) Result Pages:  1 

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